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After completing 2,500 miles of 7,000 miles by 10-speed bike The Biking Bishop climax on his 57th birthday with this iconic woman. On October 7, 2009, he told part of his story.  Now he's getting ready to complete another 3,000 miles for Awareness and Humanity. 

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                                                                            Follow Bishop Dr. Dre', his emPOWERment team and staff as they're not only bringing awareness to many issues but solutions, job training, motivation, inspiration and a determination to a world of people's lives around the globe.  Watch this surreal, reality, live-streamed and televised production as they stop in more than 600 cities, seven continents, four countries, businesses, schools, colleges, churches, homes and more. Bishop Dr. Dre' is sharing his conviction, passion, and compassion in supporting and promoting Health, Wellness and Physical Fitness of Seniors (our Trailblazers) in prolonging their life while Uniting and Bridging the gap between them with our Youth (the Future Leaders) while making a difference in our world.  
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