Handyland Theme Park

 ALL     CAN    COME 
Andre knight, Handyman
The first "Educational Theme Park" of its kind is coming to Georgia.
Meet some of its characters that will meet and greet your arrival.
Hi, I'm Levy
Hi, I'm Hammy
Hi, I'm Wrenchy
I'm BIG Wrenchy
Just think! A place where you, your child or friends can come and be entertained educationally; while at the same time influenced and natured in the areas of occupation and entrepreneurship
I'm Screwzy
  and Plizy
Hi, I'm Tapezy
Hi, I', Squarzy
They all come alive!  A toolbox that talks and tools that dance walks sings and laughs; as they reach and teach the hearts of their viewers and listeners.  What an impression they will leave on the minds of people everywhere.
and I am Brushy and there's a whole lot more of our friends coming to Handyland Park
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2245 White Road, Conyers, GA 30012


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