THE BIKING BISHOP NOW Needs Your Support Today!


We would like your participation every step of the way.  So, you'll have every means necessary to keep up with the campaign as it travels all over the world.  

It's being televised, live-streamed, on the radio, your local newspapers, the social network, our website and more. To know more, just email us.  See what celebrities are already attached to this humanitarian campaign that is like no other and add your name. On this journey will also be a two-man stage performance that we would want your participation as an opening act. 

For all our celebrities that need to have the dates of our campaign locations ahead of time; we will do just that.  So, to make things simple, we will send to all a "blanket" of dates and you get to pick and chose what's available according to your schedule and if it fits ours.  Keep in mind, we are not asking for a hand-out (free), but we are asking that you make a contribution to one or several of the non-profits that The Biking Bishop riding on behalf of. Now if you chose to give of your performance for free; of course we would welcome that as a tax write off.  All celebrities will be given a contract for services rendered and a tax form 1099. If you're not an entertainment professional, we still welcome your participation at all of our venues and especially the Climax Gala in Las Vegas, Buffalo, New York, Atlanta, Georgia and possibly Chicago, Illinois.  Keep in mind, if you chose to be a part of this campaign and would like for us to show your likeness; we will need your approval so we may attach it to our roster of the who's who.  For example; if you're given 10 dates, you are not held responsible for those dates.  Just pick out what works for you and we will inform you what works for us.    

After riding some 3,000 more miles The Biking Bishop would deserve a celebration of sorts and it's all going to happen with you in mind.  Remember when all of the recording artists came together singing "We Are the World" well, watch out world The Biking Bishop has a song for you entitled " For the Least of These". We will be pulling together not just Recording stars, but TV stars, Movie stars, Civic Leaders, Politicians, Community Leaders, First Responders, the Community and more to bring this accumulation of 10,000 miles by one individual on a cross country speed bike. 


Tell your celebrity friends to come on and be a part of this historic event.  To register cost NOTHING. You just might want to add your face to the campaign because you know of someone that is a victim of Cancer, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Illiteracy, Hunger, Homelessness, Physical Disabilities or Education.

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