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The Biking Bishop’s Book Club (BBBC) is here and you should want to be a part. We are looking for interesting books that will inspire, uplift, educate, and elevate old and new readers to the world of knowledge that awaits them.


Here are eight good reasons why you should want to register your book on our site.


1.         A vast amount of viewers that come to this page in search of the next bestseller.

2.         Advertisement of your book to a number of platforms on the world wide web.

3.         The social media coverage you will receive from us mentioning your book on live stream TV,   

            Radio, and are not limited to. Also, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your book in an interview with the CEO of The City of Life Foundation on both radio and/or television shows.

4.         The enumerable amount of honorable mentions you will receive about your book.

5.         The link connection we will provide to the link of your choice for more sales of your book.

6.         If your book (is chosen) a cash award is given for being the “Book of the Month”.  This is done by votes and votes are counted according to registered votes emailed in (registration fees of $10.00 donation may apply).  By being the book of the month; there are a number of

other perks that will also be mentioned upon presentation of the award and are interchangeable.


7.    Placement of your picture and/or video with a book on our website for a specified period of time for additional exposure and sale.

8.      To register your book simply fill out this form to the right, FEDX/UPS us a copy, take a picture of your book and email it to:


Note: The City of Life Foundation has the right to refuse any books that are not within good keeping or standards of its integrity.

How and who will benefit from your purchase(s) of this book on Book-Ottery?


1.         A percentage of the revenue will be used to aid the homeless here in the United

            States and especially are Veterans.


2.        A percentage of the revenue will also assist a number of other non-profits that                    we are partnered with located on our website.


3.        A percentage of the revenue will be used to give school funding and support to

           (BARWAAE) our middle school in Liberia (West) Monrovia, Africa.


4.        A percentage of the revenue will fund the erection of the foundation’s support

           center to the world, to generate, jobs, education, assistance to individuals and/or

           families and COVID-19 education and research development.

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